Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Direction

I thought about naming this The Depressed, Overweight, Bipolar, Impatient, Introverted Worship Leader. But it wasn't as catchy.

I was also thinking about Patrick the Very Worst Worship Leader, and Jamie even said she wouldn't mind (and kinda made fun of me), but I didn't want to go that way.

So here it is. I'm sure I'll change the name a dozen times. But I wanted a place where I can talk about how hard it is to serve as a public figure in a church while not being a type A, organized dude. About how to bring people to the throne when you hate people most days. About allowing God's grace and presence to work and move in you despite all your crushing shortcomings.

I've been doing things incorrectly for a long time, so I know what to tell you NOT to do. And starting with THIS SENTENCE, I'm not going to beat myself up while doing it.

I had my old blog for 8 years or so, and frankly I just couldn't keep it going. I got tired of writing about myself. I may move a few of my more recent posts over here, some good stuff that I think would fit with the purpose of this one. I get the sads reading back over my old posts. Tired of that. Ready to use my powers for good.

Okay then.

I'll throw up some good links of some blogs that I love.


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